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Phone: 1-888-512-1209 | M-F 8-5pm CST
Phone: 1-888-512-1209 | M-F 8-5pm CST

Customer Testimonials


 “I absolutely love your anhydrous suspending agent!  I plan on using up all of my Unispend by Fagron and switching over to your products for liquids. My vet patients will love it.

In my opinion it’s a game changer! I want to thank you for all your help!”

-Michelle, NY


“Your Triple Fish and Beef OS flavors are amazing!”

-Denise, AZ


“We absolutely LOVE your troche base. It compounds easily and comes out of the mold super easy! And our patients love the taste over the previous base. ;)
Please pass this on to the owner/creator of the base.”

-Jay, CA


"Your flavors are amazing! Your natural troche base tastes better than anything we've ever tried.”

"Your Bitter Bloc really helps with the bitter API's we use.”

-Stephanie, TX


“Love your SuspendRx!”

- Jacoby, OK


“That stuff is amazing - We love it! SuspendRx”

- Amy, IL


“I love your SmartPopps system!”

-Chris, TN


“We love your products!”

-Jamie, NY


“I love your flavors and especially your green apple! It smells great and tastes awesome. Kids love it!”

-Janelle, CA