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Child Resistant

16 CFR 1700.20 & ISO 8317 COMPLIANT

The patented SmartScripps™ troche mold is the only certified child resistant troche mold available on the market.

Customized Prescriptions


Now available in Clear, Pink, Blue, and Purple trays. More options to help customize your patients prescriptions.

Safe Packaging


Not only is it certified child resistant, it is also tamper evident, FDA compliant resin, meets USP light transmission requirements, and is BPA free.

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"About 60,000 young children end up in emergency rooms each year [in the United States] because they got into medicines while an adult wasn't looking."

Assess the liability risk of using alternate non child resistant troche molds available on the market.

The patented SmartScripps™ is an innovative troche mold design that enables pharmacists to dispense troches in a child resistant, tamper evident, easy to use system.