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Klear Gummy™ Anhydrous Gelatin Base w/Bitter-Bloc Technology

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Klear Gummy™ is an excellent option for troches, gummies, and chew type prescriptions allowing for easy compounding of  water-unstable APIs, or where stability of a drug is unknown.  Simply heat the gummy base, mix in other ingredients, pour into molds, and cool.  Klear Gummy™ is a semi-transparent, mild to no taste or smell, anhydrous gelatin gummy base derived from naturally sourced ingredients.  This base has a relatively low working temperature when heated to form a pourable solution that forms a stable gelatin matrix when cooled.  Excellent API load capacity.  Compatible with SpecializedRx water soluble and oil soluble SRx flavors.  Klear Gummy™ can be easily sweetened and flavored to preference.

Klear Gummy™ gives pharmacists the convenience of a ready-to-use anhydrous gummy base allowing for an extended beyond-use dating (BUD) stability profile per USP <795>.   Klear Gummy™ Anhydrous Base is dye, gluten, sugar, PEG, paraben-free, and contains our Bitter-Bloc Technology for optimal palatability. 

This Base has a slight translucent amber appearance and is ready for the addition of actives, sweetener, and preferred flavors.

  • Natural ingredients
  • For Troches, Gummies, Chews and more
  • Convenient- Only requires reheating the base to pour and cool
  • Anhydrous (extended beyond-use dating)
  • Mild to no taste or smell
  • Thermoreversible base (traditional gummy bear consistency)
  • Gluten-free
  • PEG-free
  • Excellent load capacity
  • Thermally stable at elevated temperatures
  • Pourable into molds when melted
  • Paraben-free
  • SRx water and oil soluble flavors ready
  • Ideal melting temp range 70-80ºC
  • Classified GRAS status ingredients

Klear Gummy™ approx. density: 1.22 g/cm3

SmartScripps calibration average dose weight is 1.22g 

What is Bitter-Bloc™ Technology?

Other products on the market simply mask flavor defects, Bitter-Bloc™ actually blocks flavor defects from reaching taste receptors on the tongue to prevent the bitter molecules from binding with the receptor sites. In effect, it gives the product a cleaner taste. This allows formulators to use ingredients that meet consumer demand without compromising on taste. Works to eliminate bitter, salty, metallic, astringent, and general off-notes in a variety of oral formulations.



Is Bitter-Bloc™ a sweetness modulator? Bitter-Bloc™ is not a sweetness modulator as it does not affect sweetness. However, in some cases tasters will notice an enhanced flavor profile. Since bitterness is a strong flavor, it often will overpower the other flavors present. Bitter-Bloc™ will bring down the bitterness perception to the point that other flavors are now able to be perceived.

Additional Information:

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