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Phone: 1-888-512-1209 | M-F 8-5pm CST
Phone: 1-888-512-1209 | M-F 8-5pm CST

Lactose Monohydrate NF (Spray Dried)

SKU C6018-50

Due to the unique spray-drying process, our NF grade Lactose Monohydrate has a spherical agglomerate shape, consisting of small alpha-lactose monohydrate crystals bound by amorphous lactose.  The spherical shape and narrow particle size distribution result in superior flow characteristics verses other forms of lactose.

Our unique spray-dried Lactose Monohydrate NF exhibits superior flow, uniform particle size, and packing properties resulting in optimal content uniformity, dissolution, and stability.


  • Superior flow properties
  • Excellent packing characteristics
  • Excellent blending properties
  • Due to controlled particle size distribution, virtually dust-free
  • Directly compressible
  • Low hygroscopicity / high formulation stability

  • Inquire for 25Kg+ pricing.