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Phone: 1-888-512-1209 | M-F 8-4:30pm CST

Lactose Monohydrate NF (Spray Dried)

Original price $17.00 - Original price $350.00
Original price
$17.00 - $350.00
Current price $17.00
SKU C6018-50

CAS# 64044-51-5

Due to the unique spray-drying process, our NF grade Lactose Monohydrate has a unique spherical shape and narrow particle size distribution that results in superior flow characteristics, compressibility, and packing properties that results in consistent content uniformity, dissolution, and stability verses other forms of lactose.

Typical Capsule Packing Statistic (#1 = 0.3220g)


  • Superior flow properties
  • Excellent packing characteristics
  • Excellent blending properties
  • Due to controlled particle size distribution, virtually dust-free
  • Directly compressible
  • Low hygroscopicity / high formulation stability

  • Inquire for 25Kg+ pricing.