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ORA-SWEET® SF (Sugar-Free Oral Syrup Vehicle)

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A sugar-free citrus-berry flavored syrup vehicle used for flavoring and sweetening extemporaneous compounded oral suspension preparations.

  • Ora-Sweet® SF may be used alone or in combination with other suspending vehicles.
  • Ora-Sweet® SF is buffered to a slightly acidic pH (4.2) to help maintain preparation stability.
  • Numerous published stability indicating studies with BUD reference
         Go to: Stability Studies
  • Ora-Sweet® SF is formulated to retain its flavoring properties when diluted up to 50 % with water or suspending vehicles. 
  • Citrus / berry flavored sugar-free syrup vehicle.
  • Osmolality of approx. 2,150 mOsm/Kg.
  • Recommend incorporating Bitter-Bloc™ Powder Concentrate (F0106) for blocking bitterness and negative flavor defects from numerous APIs to achieve optimal oral suspension palatability.

What is Bitter-Bloc™ Technology?

Bitter-Bloc™ is the next generation technology protein to block flavor defects Naturally. Introducing the solution to bitter and off-tasting oral preparations. Discover the endless possibilities to correct flavor defects in your compounded oral suspensions.

Other products on the market simply mask flavor defects, Bitter-Bloc™ blocks flavor defects from reaching taste receptors on the tongue to prevent the bitter molecules from binding with the receptor sites. In effect, it gives the product a cleaner taste. This allows formulators to use ingredients that meet consumer demand without compromising on taste. Bitter-Bloc™ works to eliminate bitter, salty, metallic, astringent, and general off-notes in a variety of oral formulations.

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