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Phone: 1-888-512-1209 | M-F 8-4:30pm CST

X-TABB™ 1ml/750mg Ejector Plate

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196 cavities 1ml/750mg Ejector Plate for compounding RDTs and Troches.  For easy and efficient dose removal from the 1ml/750mg cavity plates.  Simply place Ejector Plate on a flat solid surface with bosses facing up, line up the cavity plate between the guides and press down on the cavity plate to eject the doses.

The X-TABB System is constructed of durable and lightweight aluminum hard coated with the latest US FDA and EU compliant non-stick technology.  Hard coating resists scratches and reasonable wear for years of trouble-free use.  Aluminum is ideal material for conducting heat quickly and evenly as well as fast cooling times allowing the compounder to quickly and efficiently increase cycle times between compounding events.

Teflon guides for easy and consistent placement.

Used with Cavity Plates E0607-00 and E0608-00 and Score Plate E0609-00 

SpecializedRx developed compounding innovation.  Patent Pending. 

Made in USA.