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Mini-Pearls System, 228 Cavity Silicone Top Mold

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Additional 228 Cavity Silicone Mini-Pearls System Top Mold

Excellent for making a high volume of small dose troches or suppositories quickly.  The Mini-Pearls System has 228 small spherical cavities with a diameter of 6.3mm and a volume of 0.2ml ea. (228 x 0.2ml = 45.6 ml plate total).  Average cavity weight is 0.2g of Techna 20 Troche Base.  Durable, flexible, non-stick white silicone top mold, that is oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.  Temp resistant range -60 to 230˚C (-76 to 446˚F).   Recommend base calibration prior to use.  System patent pending.