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Phone: 1-888-512-1209 | M-F 8-4:30pm CST

Apple (Fuji Red) N&A Powder Flavor Concentrate

Original price $11.00 - Original price $320.00
Original price
$11.00 - $320.00
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SKU F0155-40

Our specially formulated free-flowing water soluble powder flavor is relatively heat tolerant and will easily incorporate into hard lozenge/candy bases, troche bases, rapid dissolve tablets or oral suspensions. 

Note API or other ingredients degradation temperatures.  High temperatures may reduce flavor intensity profile.  Addition of a weak acid and sweetener will strengthen the finished product taste profile. 

Powder flavors are an excellent medium to disperse other powder ingredients, including actives during the compounding process.  Dye-free.  Vegan compliant. 

24-month shelf life from date of manufacture when stored in its original, unopened container in a cool dry place.  

Appearance: White to off-white free flowing powder.

Vegan compliant.  Gluten-free.

Contained Allergens: None. 

Suggested starting use level 1-2%.

All ingredients contained in the above SpecializedRx flavor, unless explicitly noted or labeled, are (anhydrous) and approved for use in regulation of the FDA or are listed on the FEMA GRAS list.  No additional preservatives, colors or dyes are added to our  flavors. 

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