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Phone: 1-888-512-1209 | M-F 8-4:30pm CST

RocketMolds™ Suppository Compounding Molds

SKU E0642-63

2.0ml Now In Stock!

Many areas of pharmacy compounding have been adopted from large scale manufacturing processes, technology, systems, and containers.  Suppository compounding is no exception to this with the common use of thin-walled PVC suppository shells designed for large scale manufacturing on reels.  Used for compounding, these large reels of shells present several challenges for compounding pharmacies and patients.  

RocketMolds™ are a new and innovative, patent pending disposable mold & containment system designed specifically for the compounding pharmacist to efficiently compound suppositories in an easily sealable container that is also patient friendly with the following benefits:

  • For vaginal and rectal suppositories.
  • Easy-to-fill wide opening connected in a string of 10 molds.
  • Designed to securely stand up and close in our 60ct RocketMolds™ Holder
  • Molded from a flexible FDA compliant polyethylene for maximum compatibility.  Does NOT contain PVC.
  • Transparent for easy visual of contents.
  • Easy-to-read graduated fill line for accurate filling.
  • Durable - retains its shape with no waste typical of thin wall shells that can be damaged in transit.
  • Easy patient “Flex Tab & Squeeze-Out” dispensing directly into an SRx applicator without handling the dose.
  • One piece design with an easy-to-seal snap shut cover:
  •       No more heat sealing.
  •       No more contents leaking.
  •       Contents retain their shape even if melted. 
  • Designed to individually snap-apart for easy counting and dosing.
  • Condensed packaging to occupy less space and shipping costs.
  • Various colors available soon for easy visual dose recognition.
  • Added UV inhibitor.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Recyclable polymer.
  • Economically priced - comparably priced vs. traditional peel-apart PVC shells.
  • Patent Pending.

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