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Witepsol® H15 (NF) Pellet Form Suppository Base

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Witepsol®H15 is an NF grade, small pastille form hard fat suppository base comprised of glycerides from vegetable origins with a long history of use with a wide range of APIs.  Suitable for both rectal and vaginal use.

Solubility: Witepsol®H15 is readily soluble in diethylether, toluene and n-hexane and slightly soluble in anhydrous ethanol and methylene chloride. Practically insoluble in water.

Witepsol®H15 has a hydroxyl value of 5-15. It is used as a compound for suspension suppositories having a proportion of solid active compounds of less than 25%.

Meets the requirements of USP-NF (Hard Fat) and Ph. Eur. (Hard Fat With Additives)




Waxy Solid



Melting Range

33.5 to 35.5°C (92.3 to 95.9°F)

Hydroxyl Value (NV=25)

5 to 15 mgKOH/g

Acid Value

<= 0.50 mgKOH/g

Peroxide Value

<= 3.0 meq O/Kg

Saponification Value

<= 230-245 mgKOH/g


 Average relative density at 20 °C = 0.96 g/cm3

**During summer months, it is recommended to ship suppository bases expedited due to the melting temperature of the product.

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