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Phone: 1-888-512-1209 | M-F 8-4:30pm CST

Suppository Mold, Aluminum, 2.0ml, 20 Cavity

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SKU E0541-00

Precision machined 2.0ml reusable aluminum suppository mold in a universal shape for both rectal or vaginal suppositories.  Fast and easy assembly with threaded posts with dual wingnuts to secure each half in precise alignment.  Each set has special dual pry features machined on the ends to help with easy mold separation once filled.  Highly polished cavities for easy suppository removal.  Stainless steel hardware.  Innovative design developed and manufactured only by SpecializedRx.

Cleaning: Separate all plates before cleaning.  Recommend hand cleaning using a mild detergent – Recommend using Relianox™ Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent (SKU# P3023).

Scraper/Pry Tool  SKU# E0574 (Pictured)

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