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Phone: 1-888-512-1209 | M-F 8-5pm CST

X-TABB RDT/Troche Blister Pack and Amber Sleeve - 30 Dose

SKU E0603-02

For protective dose dispensing Rapid Dissolve Tablets and Troches. 

The X-TABB RDT/Troche Blister Pack is another SpecializedRx innovation, designed specifically to dispense finished RDTs or Troches compounded in our X-TABB System in an easy-to-use thermoformed package.  Our ergonomic design lends to easy filling and patient dispensing with text that clearly distinguishes the top cover side to prevent improper opening.  Amber UV-resistant and reclosable sleeves are also included.

Accommodates up to 30 quarter-scored X-TABB™ Cavities

Made of a durable gauge, food safe, transparent polymer

Conveniently fits:

  • 30 x 1ml doses from the X-TABB Troche System (Item# E0605-00)
  • 30 x 750mg doses from the X-TABB RDT System (Item# E0606-00)
  • 30 x 1ml troches from the 1ml TempMix Troche molds (Item# E0601 / E0602)

Simply place doses in clear blister pack, snap shut, and slide blister pack into UV-resistant sleeve.

For child resistant prescriptions our Blister Pack fits perfectly inside see:

Child Resistant Reclosable 6”x6” Pouch, Matte White / Light Resistant 25pk (#E0634-02) / 200pk (#E0634-06)